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Plug into the power of our network

The foundation of DBS is our people, our networks and our technology.
Since 2010 we have purchased over 200 million pounds of salvage apparel from charities and collectors across the United States, resulting in over $40 million in funding for these charity programs.


Products we offer to charity organizations & grading/recycling customers


Mixed Rags

Wearable apparel that is unsold in thrift stores. Bulk lots include premium, children’s, men’s, and women’s garments – contents vary by location.

Credential Product

This is untouched donated product. Product should be in original bags, and contents should be untouched. Product varies but typically includes apparel, clothing, books and small toys.

Paired Shoes

Wearable and undamaged shoes that are unsold in thrift stores. Bulk lots include athletics, children’s, men’s and women’s shoes. Sorts vary by location and market conditions.


Belts, Hats, Purses and backpacks that are unsold in thrift stores.

If not listed here, please email us at with details to see if we can help you!


DBS ships product out of all the major U.S. and Canadian West Coast ports, and we are beginning to expand into the Southeast and eastern ocean ports as well.

400 million pounds

Purchased over 400 million
pounds of salvage apparel
from charities and collectors
across the United States.

$70 million

Revenue generated for
charity programs nationwide
as of 2015.

95 Charity Suppliers

Our supply comes from
working with a variety of
charities, private thrifts
as well as collectors.

256 Recycler/Graders

Recycling partners located in
major recycling hubs in the United
States and internationally.

DBS has an engaged network of over 120 of the largest and most reliable carriers and logistics service companies in the United States. Our network allows for streamlined logistics, and competitive pricing.


Whether you’re a charity organization or a grading & recycling customer. DBS offers many benefits and works with YOU to meet your needs.

Market Insight

On the surface this market seems simple. The fact is that it’s incredibly complicated. According to U.S. Customs data over 2 billion pounds of used clothing is exported annually from the United States. This product is then processed and shipped to local markets all over the world. We operate in a complex global commodity market. Over the past decade DBS has developed networks, systems, and technologies to understand and react quickly to this dynamic market. Resulting in consistently smooth and seamless product movements and market-reactive pricing.


Clean logistics can make the difference between fairy tale, and nightmare working conditions. Further, poorly handled logistics ultimately leads to unforeseen costs, disgruntled staff, and a leveraged negotiating position. We quickly work to understand the unique obstacles related to your situation, and aggressively implement solutions so that problems are solved before they occur. Our people, logistical networks, and technology is the best in the business often these systems pick apart common logistical pitfalls before they ever surface.


When you become a new client with DBS you become family. Our goal is always to develop a strong business partnership. We understand that we are only as strong as our network, and that we must offer value to all of our clients. This concept of partnership and relationship centered business is woven into the fabric of our company from the beginning through Julie's father Dennis. He taught us that relationships are everything in this business, and after a decade without him we can see clearly that he was right.

Product Access

As a grader or recycler, nothing can be more difficult and frustrating than raw materials acquisition. As the market and cash flow cycles change your need for supply also changes.. Trying new supply is always risky, you never know what you’ll get until it’s received. DBS gets to know your specific product requirements and takes the headaches out of product acquisition. We provide a wide array a product from different demographic markets to serve you through seasonal cycles.

Consistent & Reliable Delivery

Between trucking networks, and taking the time to know our suppliers needs and production schedules we are proud to provide great consistency when it comes to trucking. For our charities it means know when a load is ready to ship before we are notified, and for our customers it means keeping your production rolling without having to send workers home due to a delivery gone bad.

Payment Options

“I’m waiting on a wire to clear” – This is a common (daily) excuse for a wide variety of performance problems in this industry. At DBS we make it a priority to keep payments coming on schedule. Further, we have several options for transaction management that reduces bank charges and streamlines processes, and cash flows. Our customers can be set up on scheduled ACH payments, saving time from writing checks or burdensome trips to the bank. With DBS there’s no excuses, just timely payment with clear communication.


Reach out for any reason. We’ll direct your question to the most relevant person, and they will work hard to reply within 24 hours.

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